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Kitties who are currently in foster!

Fostering Saves Lives!

Sometimes all a kitty needs is a safe place to land. Can you make room for an at-risk kitty to "crash" at your place while waiting for a forever home?  

As little space as a spare guest room or bathroom that isn't being used is enough space to save a kitty's life.  Cats in shelters are at much higher risk, statistically, of being put to sleep than the dogs in shelters are.  At some shelters, nearly 70% of all incoming cats never leave the shelter again.  At WSKR, we are working hard to change that number.  We may not change the world, but we change it for the kitties we rescue.  You can be part of that by fostering.

When you foster for WSKR, we pay for all medical expenses for your new foster kitty.  All you provide is food, litter, a safe place to wait and love!  In some cases, WSKR may even be able to provide the food and litter.  Contact WSKR today to find out about fostering a kitty in need, call 520-395-5474 or email info@wskr.org.

WSKR is a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit organization.  If you foster for WSKR, hang on to your receipts for food and litter for your foster kitty and you may be able to deduct them as charitable donations on your taxes next year.  ** We are not qualified tax preparers, please contact your tax preparer to make sure you qualify for these deductions.